A Brief Guide to Baltimore’s Vintage Clothing Stores & Markets

You may know Baltimore for its crab cakes, Camden Stadium and of course, HBO’s award-winning show The Wire. 

But what you might not know Baltimore for (yet) is its growing vintage fashion scene. 

With easy and affordable public transit access (Amtrak, bus lines, and an entire separate train called the MARC from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore city) I’m telling all my out-of-town friends to head in for a visit. And at less than 500,000 people, traffic rarely prevents you from getting anywhere within city bounds in more than 25 minutes. 

It’s easy to say I love living in Charm City, having moved here from New York just last fall. And what I love even more? Its homegrown roster of brick and mortar vintage clothing stores with varied and reasonably priced selection. 

Here’s a brief guide to Baltimore city’s vintage clothing stores and markets, with a focus on vintage clothing majority destinations. Whether you’re local or due for a road trip, don’t dismiss the solid and ever-growing vintage fashion scene of Charm City.

We’ll start first with our brick and mortar spots, and then share the seasonal and even weekly markets that bring multiple vendors together from Baltimore and beyond. 

A Day In June

Where: 2007 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Hours: Thurs-Sat: 9-6, Sun:9-5

Site: https://adayinjunevintage.com/

This vintage lifestyle boutique is home to feminine, functional vintage and secondhand attire. It has that special hole-in-the-wall appeal that makes you go “ooh, what treasure can I find here?” This is a strictly fem-gender boutique. With dried flowers, a coffee bar, housewares and accessories on deck, A Day in June actually feels like a literal “day in June” from the moment you walk in. Plus: Owner Lindsey – who started ADIJ as a pop up brand at markets along the east coast – is a breath of sunshine herself, never not greeting her customers with a warm smile. 

What you can find: Funky blazers bound to be staples in your wardrobe; ‘80s/’90s tailored pants for weekend jaunts or workdays; a sprinkle of midcentury pieces at prices you won’t mind investing in; an assortment of classic shoes and accessories; knit sweaters, secretary blouses and other seasonal staples. Plus, a dried flower bar and assortment of giftables and size-free accessories.

Bottle of Bread

Where: 216 W Read St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 11-6pm

Site: https://www.shopbottleofbread.com/

Classic vintage lovers will experience love at first sight with Bottle of Bread. The well-sized storefront carries both genders and a unisex offering of 1940s – ‘80s premium vintage, with the men’s gender / unisex styles in the front and more feminine styles in the back. Scattered throughout the store are home decor items, some new while others are secondhand. Plus: handmade artisan accessories, candles and other giftables. 

What you can find: The epic ‘70s palazzo pant jumpsuit of your dreams to varsity jackets and sweaters; solid vintage denim and collectible tees. Bottle of Bread isn’t afraid to carry older pieces, with 1920s pieces on display and a few “as if new” ‘40s dresses found amongst the racks. It’s obvious that inventory is changed often, and with an emphasis on affordable vintage quality more so than just the trends.

Zone Vintage

Where:  813 N Charles St A, Baltimore, MD 21201

Hours:  Thurs – Sat 12:30-6pm, Sun-12:30-4:30pm

Walk upstairs into Zone Vintage, and as corny as it sounds, you are literally “in the vintage zone.” Founded in 1983 and perhaps one of the oldest continuously run vintage brick & mortar stores in America, Zone Vintage is an oasis of finds for treasure hunters. Unlike other Baltimore vintage stores, Zone is not curated to look like an upscale boutique. Rather, you’ll want to meticulously dig here to avoid missing something you might love. 

What you can find: The packed racks are organized by garment type with an emphasis on dresses, lingerie, skirt sets and jewelry. The men’s gender section is amply packed too, with a fine selection of vintage T-shirts, leathers, and button-ups. Check the jewelry selection for modern accessories as well. 

Fun fact: The owner of Zone Vintage shared that starting the store was her “let me do something until I figure out what I want to do with my life” plan. More than 40 years later, she’s still doing it! 

Milk & Ice

Where: 4801 Harford Rd Suite H3, Baltimore, MD 21214

Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 12-6pm 

Site: https://www.milkandicevintage.com/

Milk and Ice is tucked away in a northeast neighborhood of Baltimore. But don’t judge its distance on the map — this must-shop co-ed and unisex classic vintage store is worth the 20 minutes (max!) drive you’d have to take from central Baltimore to reach its doors. 

What you can find: Upon entering Milk and Ice, you’re met with well-organized racks of mostly ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and some ‘90s for good measure. Already reasonably priced, the store often hosts “sidewalk rack sales” with a $25 or less rack, and sale tags scattered throughout the store. Pieces are curated for wearability, like a denim vest a la the ‘70s or a easy-breezy cotton patterned frock. 

You’ll also discover 1-of-a-find collectibles, upcycled pieces, and a sampling of records for perusal and purchase. Milk & Ice boasts enough space for events to the public, so be sure to get on their newsletter or social media to visit when the space is filled with like-minded folk.

Shredded Vintage

Where:  411 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Hours: Thursday – Friday 12-5pm ; Saturday – Sunday 11-5pm 

Site: https://www.getshreddedvintage.com/

You know that hit of “vintage joy” you get from walking into a store you’ll undoubtedly love? That’s the feeling one gets when walking into Shredded Vintage, which is impossible to miss with a multi color mural in its name along the outside of its bright and airy storefront. Located in a hip neighborhood where brunch and coffee can start or end your day shopping at Shredded, the store boasts colorful and collectible classic vintage finds with a smattering of housewares and upcycled vintage sweatshirts made by the owner (Sarah) herself. 

What you can find: Shredded Vintage is home to never-before-seen prints and plenty of plus size (approximate size 12 and up) fem vintage sizing. Male/unisex and female racks are organized by item category so you can head straight to your personal tried and true without having to hunt for it. 

Shredded is a vintage lovers’ dream closet, offering everything from summer ‘70s frocks to wearable upcycled sweatshirts, designed with devious statements that can transform a basic look to something worth talking about. Instagrammable housewares like a mushroom decorated crock pot also circulate throughout the store, and don’t miss the vintage orange stadium seating.

Balto Vintage

Where: 833 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Hours: Thursday- Sunday 12-6pm

Site: https://baltovintage.com/balto-vintage-1

Outside Balto you can often find a “for sale” rack and an entire bin of discounted clothes. It feels a little bit like shopping at the Goodwill Outlet, except you’re at a vintage store. Step inside and you’re met with a beautifully designed vintage boutique that has a long history of being a vintage boutique itself. Current store owner (Montana) shared that the owner of the building had a vintage store at Balto’s location himself, and prefers renting to vintage store owners for that reason. Hey – they don’t call this “charm” city for nothin’! 

What you can find: Step inside Balto for a blend of sportswear, utilitarian and functional vintage pieces aimed at mostly unisex / gender wearers. To the left, an entire wall of trucker and baseball / sports hats awaits you on bespoke shelving. To the right is a wall popping in color from license plates neatly laid side by side, as backsplash in your kitchen. Balto swings toward casual clothing so you’ll be hard pressed to find a dress here. Come for the button ups, the sweatshirts, the hats, the tees, the denim and the leather. Stay for the merchandising and for supporting a storefront with a history of vintage clothing.

Changed My Mind Vintage

Where: 1021 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Hours: Everyday (Monday – Sunday) 12-6pm

Changed My Mind Vintage shares a storefront with a vintage-inspired brand of clothing, housewares, and beauty / soap products. After heading inside the storefront itself, head to the stairs in the back to find what you’re looking for (more vintage, duh!). 

What you can find: Shopping vintage upstairs is an entirely different experience, as if you’re stepping into a secret attic. The shop is stocked and feels like a throwback vintage shopping experience itself. Changed My Mind carries fem to unisex / male gender clothes and plenty of accessories. In fact, this shop has the most accessories on the list. 


Head to the back and work your way forward, finding midcentury pieces to one-off current brands mixed together in unorganized fashion. The dig is worth it, especially when you uncover a Pucci piece or pair of cowboy boots that are actually your size.

Charlie’s Vintage Clothes

Where: 845 West 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

Hours: Thursday 3-6pm; Friday-Saturday 11-6pm; Sunday 12-5pm

Site: https://colbysclothesmobile.com/

Charlie’s Vintage opened its doors Fall 2023 on a street that is already recognized for its vintage and small boutique scene. That street is in Hampden, a neighborhood that feels more like a town within the city of Baltimore (nearby are Balto and Changed My Mind Vintage). It’s easy to hop into Charlie’s and never want to leave. The store’s floors, fans, wallpaper and general energy feels like an invitation into your best friend’s closet. 

What you can find: The fem-focused storefront carries an assortment of classic vintage and handpicked modern secondhand pieces. Party frocks, classic lingerie, kimonos and funky printed vintage things galore can be found on the racks at Charlie’s. 

Fun fact: Owner Colby also runs a vintage mobile boutique. The truck was previously seen popping up at events in Baltimore and at vintage events in cities like NYC. Colby named her brick & mortar after her dog, Charlie, who can often be found overseeing the shop himself. A new chapter but with the same idea: Give great vintage a fresh start with a new home.


The Bmore Flea

Where: Multiple pop-up locations throughout Baltimore City, including Broadway Market (1640 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231), The Ministry of Brewing (900 E Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21231), and other select locations which are announced via the Bmore Flea Instagram

Hours: Weekly during Spring – Fall seasons, typically 11am – 3pm on Sunday only dates 

Site: https://www.instagram.com/bmoreflea/?hl=en

Founded in 2013, the Bmore Flea erupted into its namesake’s vintage scene. The market arguably laid the foundation for various dealers and former store owners to find a vintage hungry customer base looking for a genuine social networking event mixed with the appeal of shopping for various vintage curators at once. The market happens indoors and outdoors depending on the season. When indoors, there’s often drinks, food, coffee and a DJ on site. What more could a vintage lover ask for? 

What you can find: Bmore Flea is designed to accommodate a healthy amount of vendors but not so many that your head spins. Meaning, give yourself 90 minutes to step into the booths of everyone at the market and you’ll have a good idea of what treasures could be yours. The market’s vendors range from unisex sportswear, Y2K, utilitarian and functional wardrobe staples, some records, home decor and of course, classic vintage. Here’s where you can strike a deal in a hot setting, so come ready with cash to make an offer on an already well-priced item. 

PLUS: Seasonal Vintage Fashion Events


What: A multi vintage clothing & accessories vendor event, hosted seasonally 

Where: 301 W 29th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

Hours: Seasonal – Check Instagram for next dates | 11am – 5pm 

Site: https://www.instagram.com/vintagepalooza_

Bmore Vintage Expo 

What: A multi vintage clothing, accessories, housewares and furniture event, hosted bi-annually since 2016

Where: The Union Collective in Baltimore, MD

1700 W 41st St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Hours: Bi-annual, check site for next dates 

Site: https://www.baltimorevintageexpo.com/

Obviously, there’s more to do in Baltimore than eat seafood and jump on a sailboat. Keep your suitcase empty because thanks to the solid vintage stores of Bmore, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast you can fill it up. 

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