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Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes is a brand and live sale / marketplace built for vintage & luxe for less buyers and sellers to “sell and buy more vintage.

Sounds like a really direct mission statement right? Well, it is! With so many vintage sellers in the online and in-person market, how can the buyer know where to find the good stuff from the most reliable and trustworthy sellers? How can the buyer make genuine connections with sellers who may turn into stylists, confidants and friends?

These are the questions and concerns that inspired us to create our marketplace and live sale community, which currently lives on Facebook LIVE Shopping and District.net/vintagebossbabes.

And with so much to learn about the vintage clothing industry and how to get started, potentially successful vintage sellers struggle with their businesses and oftentimes, give up completely because they aren’t meeting their customers and creating a profitable business.

Here, we focus on selling vintage clothing (20 years or older) and high-quality, covetable brands that are considered “luxe for less.” We are a community of positive, empowered and growth-oriented individuals. All are welcome here!

What We Offer

How You Can Use Our Services

Meet Our Founder - Sammy Davis

The Beginning - 2008

Sammy Davis is a busy New Yorker who quit a career in fashion publishing to launch a brand on all things secondhand fashion and resale in 2008. She read the book “Crush It” by Gary Varynuck, which inspired her to recognize she could “cash in on her passion.” She said goodbye to corporate life forever and has never looked back.

Our Mission

From Offline to Online

While building her resale business, she came across many people who helped her. She met her then business partner, who helped her to grow SammyDVintage.com, which became one of the most popular SEO-optimized vintage fashion educational blogs. She sold this digital property to a new owner back in 2017.

She also built a YouTube channel called Sammy Davis Vintage. This was back in the dark ages of the internet, and she was just trying to figure it all out while staying on a path she knew in her heart was right for her but also felt really scary and frightening.

But, things began to work. Her passion for vintage spread thanks to the reach of early social media (keep in mind, this is before Instagram, Tik Tok, and so many other social media channels today).

Transitioning to Helping the Vintage Seller

Sammy sharpened her skills in vintage while working and managing a vintage store called A Little Wicked Boutique that was located in the Lower East Side. Here is where she learned the true difficulties of running a vintage boutique. The sourcing and the merchandising was the fun part – then there was the cleaning & fixing of garments, attracting customers, and of course, selling! Not to mention book keeping, website maintenance and social media, special events planning, and more.

The tasks of the vintage store owner were never ending. As the official unofficial manager of A Little Wicked, Sammy learned the ins and outs of running an elite New York City boutique.

True empathy and passion for helping the vintage industry was born. Sammy began offering social media services and coaching services for vintage sellers just starting on their resale journey. Her website offered an entire area to buy from a curated selection of items on Etsy that she chose – featuring other sellers! Her energy around the SELLING side of vintage grew and grew and so did her slogan to “spread more vintage love” which today has become “sell more vintage.”

The Birth of Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes

Inspired by the growth of membership communities, Sammy founded a Facebook group in 2018 called THRIFT BABES, which quickly grew to become a positive place of sharing information about the secondhand culture of vintage, thrift and saving money while maintaining personal style.

Slightly more than a year later, Sammy felt that itch to help the seller again – thereby founding a spin-off group of THRIFT BABES that she called “THRIFT BOSS BABES.”

The evolution of this seller group took many twists and turns! The group started at just 70 or so paid members. When the pandemic hit, Sammy opened the group to everyone and changed it from being a group about resale education to being a pay-to-sell buy & sell secondhand clothing & accessories membership group. LIVE sales were introduced in April 2020, and the rest is history.

Today, that same “THRIFT BOSS BABES” group is now Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes. Evolution is a part of our journey and we are excited to help you evolve your resale business with us!

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