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Hi, I’m Sammy! Founder of VINTAGE BOSS BABES. Here’s a little bit more about me. Thank you for choosing to join this amazing community. We have so much in store for you here!

The Beginning - 2008

Sammy Davis is a busy New Yorker who quit a career in fashion publishing to launch a brand on all things secondhand fashion and resale in 2008. She read the book “Crush It” by Gary Varynuck, which inspired her to recognize she could “cash in on her passion.” She said goodbye to corporate life forever and has never looked back.

The road wasn’t always easy, however.  She sold vintage at flea markets, pop up events and direct to clients. She was always hustling or figuring out how to cover business expenses. She spent a lot of time stressing about money and really wasn’t sure of the direction of her life. 

While building her resale business, she came across many people who helped her. She met her then business partner, who helped her to grow, which became one of the most popular SEO-optimized vintage fashion educational blogs. She sold this digital property to a new owner back in 2017. 

She also built a YouTube channel called Sammy Davis Vintage. This was back in the dark ages of the internet, and she was just trying to figure it all out while staying on a path she knew in her heart was right for her but also felt really scary and frightening. 

Maybe you can relate to that. Selling vintage fashion isn’t easy – but VINTAGE BOSS BABES is here to make it easier. 

Sammy Davis


VINTAGE BOSS BABES was formed in 2019. It was originally called THRIFT BOSS BABES because it was a spin-off group from the now defunct thrift shopping interest group THRIFT BABES. One spring day in 2019, Sammy’s friends and membership course coaches told her to make a membership group. The group started at just 70 or so paid members. When the pandemic hit, Sammy opened the group to everyone and changed it from being a group about resale education to being a pay-to-sell buy & sell secondhand clothing & accessories membership group. LIVE sales were introduced in April 2020, and the rest is history! 

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    Sammy is founder of the NYC Bargain Secondhand Shopping tour and is a reseller herself! The shopping tour is the #1 second hand shopping tour in NYC. You can book a group or private tour on Air B&B with a member of the tour team!

    Sammy sells premium and trendy vintage at the Manhattan boutique Art to Ware. She also sells via LIVE sales on the VINTAGE BOSS BABES platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Sammy’s favorite items to flip are the one-of-a-find grails (like her Hunter S. Thompson style Abercrombie & Fitch jacket – found for $15 and sold for $1200 on eBay!) as well as funky vintage that’s never been seen before.

    Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and is obsessed with style stalking fashionistas on the New York City streets, long run, and yummy glasses of IPA beer.


    Today Sammy is the founder and manager of the Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes brand as a live sale, marketplace and educational community. 

    Our focus is helping to connect and empower vintage sellers to their target audience. We are also here to continually create empowering and educational products that specifically assist vintage sellers (and buyers!) with having more success, fulfillment and enjoyment in this vast industry.

    When Sammy was first starting out in the vintage resale back in 2009, she was lucky enough to attract colleagues, mentors, and random strangers (seriously!) who came to her support and offered what they could to support her journey in resale. 

    The ups and downs were a journey and rollercoaster ride. But, through it all, Sammy learned and most importantly learned that her passion is to help others succeed with less stress, pressure and uncertainty. 

    Maybe you can relate to those feelings and are unsure of where to start. Selling vintage fashion isn’t easy – but VINTAGE & LUXE BOSS BABES is here to make it easier. 

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