We currently offer a handful of courses to help you get started on your vintage fashion and luxe for less resale trajectory. 

These courses are available for purchase and will be delivered automatically to your email. 

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Live Selling Success ($17)​

How to Successfully Host a LIVE Sale

live selling success

It's finally HERE!

Meet our community’s official LIVE selling course CRUSHING YOUR LIVE SALES with Confidence & Charisma.

That means you’re only paying $17 for 10 video modules chock full of what you need to know to level up and maximize your time, productivity and profits as a live seller – WITHOUT THE FLUFF.

They are super easy video modules, MP3s and transcripts / summaries to read. Choose your learning style: Watch, listen or read.

Who is This Course For?

BRAND NEW LIVE sellers of vintage clothing & luxe for less (designer clothing) 

BRAND NEW LIVE sellers who have hosted a few live sales, and are feeling frustrated by results and not sure what they need to “learn next” to improve

Intermediate LIVE sellers who feel that they’ve hit a slump and their live sale results have increasingly gone downhill

Truly anyone interested in learning about the business & marketing behind success LIVE sales … and a confidence crash course!

  • Introduction & Welcome – Video
  • The State of LIVE Sales – How to Drive Traffic to Your Replays – Video + Written Summary
  • Preparation for LIVE Sales Part 1 – Video + Written Summary
  • Preparation for LIVE Sales Part 2 – Video + Written Summary
  • Odilia’s Step-by-Step “Prep Checklist” – Video + Written Summary
  • Mindset (Become Invincible) – Video + Written Summary
  • Hosting a Sale “Within” Your LIVE Sale – Video + Written Summary
  • How to Be a Salesperson (In a Good Way) – Video + Written Summary
  • Knowing What to Sell In Your LIVE Sales – Video + Written Summary
  • BONUS: Best Practices When Working with Consignment Clients- Video + Written Summary

Vintage Jewelry Masterclass ($17)

Description of the course: Are you a vintage clothing reseller with little to limited knowledge about vintage jewelry? Then this masterclass is for you. 

This 2-hour “replay” of a live course is an incredible foundational masterclass of information to help you go from “I know very little” to “I know a lot!” about vintage jewelry. 

What you’ll learn from instructor Odilia Avalos Barton of Styled by Odilia: Authentication, identification, valuing, testing, brands, history, rarity, selling secrets and MORE. Because there is always more. PLUS: 30 minutes of Q&A.

Here’s your opportunity to join Sammy Davis and veteran vintage jewelry reseller & collector Odilia Avalos Barton for the replay of a LIVE 2 hour educational masterclass – 75 percent off the original cost of the live session.

Shipping for Resellers ($7)

Description of the course: Understand the best shipping system for you and how you can avoid losing money on shipping forever and ever moving forward!

This replay of a LIVE masterclass on shipping will teach you everything you need to know about shipping to get started successfully as a reseller! 

This masterclass covers:

  • What you need to ship and what exactly to buy at the best cost and/or get for free!
  • How to package your secondhand goods so they’re pretty
  • How to purchase certain supplies so you can create branding via your shipping and packages
  • Learn the differences, including pros and cons to each!
  • Learn what type of packaging you need for each
  • Learn what NOT to do with priority or first class mail (so you save the most money)
  • How to receive money for an order from Paypal and easily print a shipping label
  • How to invoice a customer on Paypal and easily print a shipping label
  • How to track packages on Paypal
  • Business Paypal account: How Paypal offers you guaranteed seller’s protection
  • Bonus: Working Capital Paypal Business Loans
  • SCREENSHARE: How to use Paypal to invoice and print shipping labels
  • SCREENSHARE: How to use Pirateship to print shipping labels
  • DEMONSTRATION: How to use a scale
  • DEMONSTRATION: How to set up your envelope or box!
  • How to use Pirateship for ALL orders (even those processed on Paypal)
  • How to get the best international shipping rates available via Pirateship
  • How to get the best “box shipping” shipping rates via Pirateship (this is incredible!)
  • How to use Pirateship for repeat customers

Be On the Lookout Valuable Vintage Clothing Guide ($7)

This digital guide is a game changer for the new reseller to the more advanced. No matter your level of experience you will learn something new that will add dollars to your bottom line! The guide will be delivered to your email as a downloadable PDF after purchasing.

Here's What You'll Get In This Be-On-The-Lookout Valuable Vintage Clothing Guide:
  • This guide offers THOUSANDS of $$$$ in resale value knowledge
  •  300 + page digital PDF (we did NOT come to play)
  •  Printable or just save onto your phone and take shopping with you!
  •  EACH section describes: Brand or type of item (style, silhouette, specific detail)
  •  “Odilia’s Tip” – her expert knowledge in written form
  •  Designer label photos – KNOW what to look for visually
  •  Sold cost examples – WHAT these items are selling for
  • Currently selling example or examples from eBay, Poshmark or Etsy – what’s happening on the marketplace NOW

Courses Coming Soon

Facebook Groups Where You Can Sell

This digital download will spill all the tea on where you can sell on Facebook buy/sell groups. Will only include active groups with active buyers, admins and communities. A must-use for those who already love social selling! 

Terms That Apply to Fashion

Writing descriptions and sharing more about an item on a live sale can be daunting when we feel that all we can say is “this is sooo cute!” Having strong fashion vernacular that you can easily refer to takes time. Purchase this downloadable guide to “must know phrases” for writing fashion descriptions and discussing clothing and jewelry items on a live sale. You will have a stronger and more varietal vocabulary that will create trust and respect from your buyer! 


Pricing Secondhand Clothing for Resellers - LIVES + Platforms

This is the most requested topic and we are finally answering it! Knowing how to price your items can feel impossible. Is it based on what you bought it for? Or is it based on what you think you can sell it for? Or, are there other questions to ask and know the answers to before deciding on an items’ price? To be honest, it’s a mix of all three! This series of videos will help you to fully understand what it means to price an item fairly for you and fairly for the buyer, as well as how that price might change between markets. This video series will make you a more confident reseller and stand stronger behind your prices.