Welcome to the world of resale! Vintage clothing and luxe-for-less resale is simple, but you will require education to level up your business sense and efficiency. Enter: Our freebies page! Here’s a few FREE downloads and training for you to review before jumping in and getting started. 

Already a reseller? Download these freebies to gain new skills and insights. This page will be periodically updated with NEW freebies. We welcome your suggestions, so please send us a message on the inquiry page with ideas and requests! 

Freebie #1

650 Plus Designer Names from ThredUp All Resellers Should Know

This is an insanely long laundry list of designer labels you should know. These are designer names that are often times micro labels and unknown to the public unless you are a true designer snob

Freebie #2

5 Potentially Costly Mistakes You’re Making When Hosting a LIVE Sale (Video Training)

We hosted a masterclass on 5 potentially costly mistakes you’re making when selling live … and how to stop them. Sign up below to get a link to listen to the replay. This is an eye-opening training that will have you making adjustments, STAT! 

Freebie #3

How to Promote For Your LIVE Sale on Facebook​

This is such a helpful checklist for ways to effectively promote your live sale. My favorite thing to tell sellers is “you are done promoting your live sale the moment you begin to feel annoying.” Click the link below and get your guide instantly delivered to your email today!

Freebie #4

Vintage Labels & Brands I Look for In a Thrift Store ​

Have you ever wondered what to look for when shopping at a secondhand or thrift store? This guide takes a comprehensive look at the labels I am always keeping an eye out for when shopping thrift. Many of these designers and brands are no longer known simply because they are out of modern production. Download this guide today so that next time you’re at the thrift, you have more knowledge (which equals more power!) to identify proper vintage finds in the racks.