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Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes is a community focused on helping you to reach more customers and sell more vintage fashion, accessories and designer clothing for less. 

Anyone can sell with our community, but our target audience are female gender clients with the average age of 35-65 years old. 

Meet founder Samantha Davis and hear what she has to say about joining the community as a seller. 

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Magic comments for Instagram and Facebook are one of the most appealing features of working with vintagejewelryaddicts.com.

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Vintage Jewelry Addicts FAQ
vintagejewelryaddicts.com is powered by District

Q: Who can sell on DISTRICT?

A: Currently, anyone who applies to sell with DISTRICT can host a LIVE sale and post items for sale with us. In the future there may be an application process to vet sellers, but currently the opportunity is open to all regardless of background, gender association, and experience.


The only stipulation is that we encourage North American (Canada and American) sellers to sell with us because of easier shipping opportunities.

Q: Who is watching me on DISTRICT?

A: Your DISTRICT live sale will be promoted via a notification and email to the members who have joined the DISTRICT app community (by visiting district.net/vintagebossbabes and clicking “join.”) Additionally, your live sale will simultaneously stream to Facebook. The followers of the Facebook page Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes Live Shopping will also receive an alert and can watch and shop your buy-it-now items from the Facebook LIVE stream as well.

Q: Can DISTRICT viewers watch on Facebook?

A: Yes! Technically, someone can be watching on District desktop, District app and on Facebook (Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes LIVE Shopping) at the same time.

Q: Can District viewers shop on Facebook?

A: Yes!! If District viewers prefer watching on Facebook, they can purchase buy-it-now items while watching the District live by commenting claim and the # of the item. Then, they receive a link in their Facebook messenger to check out as a guest on District. From there they can purchase with either credit card or PayPal.

Q: What kind of inventory sells best on District?

A: In Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes there is no “set” inventory that is guaranteed to sell, but after 3 years of existence we have seen some patterns emerge!


The #1 thing to consider is “am I selling something that anyone can thrift on their own?” If the answer is yes, most likely it’s not going to be an attractive item to your customer base. This is because in their minds “that’s easy for them to find for less.”


What sells best are one of a kind collectible vintage and designer for less items. But to break this down further, it’s important to consider what YOUR customers historically buy from you (assuming you are asking them to shop your District sale!) as well as how easy it is for a customer to “buy” an item not knowing if it will 100 percent sell. This is why more size free or size flexible items are always encouraged for live sales success.

Q: How many pieces should I show on an District live sale?

A: We suggest up to 40 items for a 2 hour live sale. These items can be a mix of buy-it-now and auction items. We suggest around 6-10 auctions, which can only be purchased from District viewers at the moment (not on Facebook). You’ll learn how to create buy-it-now versus auction items with your onboarding training.

Q: What type of items work best for auctions?

A: Auctions work great for both “low end” items and “high end items.” Our key suggestion for both categories of inventory is to set your auctions at prices you are “comfortable letting go at the starting price.”


We’ve seen “lots” of jewelry (multiple pieces of jewelry) sell very well on auctions. Additionally, high end luxury or designer items work great as “auctions” and at starting prices you are comfortable selling for if no one bids beyond the starting price.


Other great auction item ideas are rare and collectible pieces and “lots” of anything you are selling - from jewelry to shoes, belts, scarves, etc.


A key reminder is that you are offering your clients somewhat of a “starting bid deal” so you entice them to bid. From there, any bids are “bonus” to your bottom line.

Q: How am I paid on District?

A: You will connect the account of your choice to District. After 48 hours of your customer receiving their item, the funds will be released to you on District. You will have to log into District and click “cash out” to receive the funds. This timing model is similar to Poshmark.

Q: What if I don’t think I received my money?

A: You can contact a representative from District to review your payout. Contact Siena - siena@district.net

Q: How does the commission get removed on District?

A: The commission is automatically removed from your District payout - you don’t have to do anything! For your first live sale, commission is 5 percent. After that, it’s 10 percent.

Q: How do customers know they “won” something on a District auction?

A: When a customer wins on District, they will receive a notification on their screen “you won!” as well as an automatic email delivered to the email on their account confirming receipt of the sale and how much they were charged to their credit card on file.


If a customer does not see their email confirmation, suggest that they look in their spam folder and also confirm which email they gave District, as all information will be delivered to the email on file.

Q: How do the auctions “work?”

A: When the seller turns “on” the auction, the District viewer on app or desktop can participate. At this time, Facebook viewers cannot participate in the District auction.


When the auction is on, the viewers of District can begin bidding. Bidding can be done in increments of $1 or whatever the buyer inputs into the bidding system.


If someone outbids the winner in the final 15 seconds of the bidding, then 15 more seconds is “added” to the clock so that others can continue to bid. This means that there is no “sniping” on these auctions, which is a popular term referring to when someone “waits” for the final seconds to outbid someone.


Once the winner of the auction is confirmed, the winner receives notification they won and the “losers” receive notification that they lost.

Q: Can I post a “what’s left” after an District live sale?

A: Absolutely! Any of the inventory which remains unsold can be linked to your customer base in any manner (email, social media, text, etc.) by sending your “link” to your “shop.”

You can also take individual links to the items which remain unsold and share as well.

Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes encourages you to share your District shop link and individual item links into the Facebook group (facebook.com/groups/vintagebossbabes) to promote “what’s left” after your District live sale. Viewers on Facebook can also shop “what’s left” on the Facebook LIVE replay (currently there is no replay on District platform - yet) by comment “claim” and the # on the replay. They will receive a link to checkout as a guest on District directly to their Facebook messenger.

If you need help finding your shop link, please email Siena siena@district.net.

Q: How do I promote my District live sale?

A: Promotion is key to success and awareness for your LIVE sale. Personal touch is key as well as “showing” what you will be selling a few days before the live sale. My reminder as a marketing coach is that it can take 7 impressions to “convert someone” to action and when you start to “feel annoying” with your marketing … is when you’ve done enough marketing!


Here is a checklist of ways to promote your LIVE sale:

  • Share the sign up link for District which is net/vintagebossbabes to your current customer base via direct message, text, email or social media promo in the fashion you prefer
  • Upload items to the District platform early - perhaps 48 hours before your show - and then share those items into the Facebook community Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes (com/groups/vintagebossbabes) to highlight what is available. This is also a great way to get “pre-show” sales!
  • Take a screenshot of your “auctions” and post into the group to show the group members that you will be offering auctions
  • Gather the PayPal emails of your best customers and write a person email to them inviting them to check out your LIVE show on District
  • Create a special flier promoting your live sale and use to promote on social media
  • Remember to explain to your following the benefits of shopping on District, here are a few of the benefits below:
    • Automatic purchase (no waiting around for an invoice!)
    • You know that you won the item free & clear
    • Auctions for great deals
    • “Bundle” shipping deals, guaranteed to give you best and most affordable shipping for your purchase
    • You can review the inventory before the live sale
    • You can make best offers on items you want at a better price
    • Automatic shipping updates (you know when the item has shipped and been delivered thanks to email notifications!)
    • One singular place to review your purchase history and receipts
Q: What is the best time to host an District live sale?

A: While there are no statistics around “the best time to host a live sale,” we suggest hosting a live sale when you believe your audience can attend. If your audience is across time zones (Pacific to East) then starting a live sale at 8pm or 9pm EST is usually ideal or perhaps, hosting a weekend live sale around 1pm EST so that PST viewers can partake at their 10am.


What’s most important is that YOU promote your time of choice. Think midnight is best? Go for it! Just make sure you promote that time to your current audience, the Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes community and other social media / marketing outlets.

Q: If I have a problem with my sale, who can I reach out to?

A: You can contact a representative from District to review your live sale concern. Contact Siena at Siena Freitag  - siena@district.net

Q: How do I direct my clients to download the District app?

A: Currently, District is available on iPhone and iPad. They can download the app by searching in the app store for “District - group buy & sell” or sending this link. If they just type in District, the app will most likely not come up in search results.

Q: What makes District different than WhatNot?

A: District was created to help community leaders and creators cultivate buy/sell communities. Instead of sellers “selling to their audience,” instead, they are selling to the “Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes” audience.


While many of the tools are similar, the intention of iso is to empower creators to essentially establish their own marketplaces and micro economies infused with their personalities, passions and professionalism.

Q: Why is Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes partnering with District?

A: The buy/sell landscape has grown quickly since we first launched Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes (then - Thrift Boss Babes) in summer of 2019. The LIVE sale surge of the pandemic has shifted and slowed down. PLUS, competitors like WhatNot and Poshmark LIVE have entered the marketplace.


District provides the professional tools to elevate our communities bottom line and profits. Automatic invoicing (no chasing, no ghosting). Bidding and auctions. Best offers. Multi streaming to various platforms to reach a larger audience. And more - because this platform is developing itself along the way with our feedback.


Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes is looking to the future of online resale and live sales and knows that District is the next best step toward improving the experience of buying/selling for everyone.


Our participation with District will bring down the walls of “upfront charges” for live sales and daily posting, allowing for MORE sellers to enter the fold of the community which ultimately = more buyers. Marketing and collaborative live sales with influencers who can attract their following to our platform will commence.


Instead of being just another buy-sell platform on Facebook, we will be the leaders in emerging technology that offers solutions to the pain points we all know too well: invoicing, selling more inventory faster, and giving our customers the impression that they are getting the BEST deals.


Welcome to the future of Vintage & Luxe Boss Babes - we hope you join us!

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