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How to turn your passion for vintage into a profitable business with a proven but commonly overlooked sales strategy that will not only increase YOUR sales, but …

… PLOT TWIST! This will save you so much time that you’ll be able to do more of what you actually love … sourcing!

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Turn Your Passion for Vintage into a Profitable Business Reality by Using This Commonly Overlooked Sales Strategy ...

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Have You Tried Selling Vintage Clothing and Honestly ... It Sucked?!

Boss Babe, I Feel You! Here's Some of the Problems
I See Vintage Sellers Commonly Face ...

PROBLEM: 1 Off Sales, Nothing "Big" in Volume​

When you’re first starting out, you sell a piece here or there. But in order to survive you need those BIG sales where you sell a ton of inventory in one fell swoop. It’s all fun and games to sell “here or there” until the bills need to pay. Learn how to sell MORE vintage in LESS time. Cha-ching.

PROBLEM 2: Not Enough Consistent Sales

You can go days, even weeks, without getting a single sale. This is because most marketplaces are full of established sellers, making it hard for your items to get seen. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everytime you opened up your phone you had a sale? It’s possible …

PROBLEM 3: Time Consuming Listing Process

I’m not gonna lie: Listing isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. First you have to photograph, then take measurements, then add details, then calculate shipping, then keywords … whose got time for that? You just want to source more, so … let’s simplify the process.


I Get It! You See, I'm a Vintage Clothing Reseller Too ...

Hi! My name is Sammy.

I've been reselling for over a decade and it wasn't until I discovered this sales strategy, that I started hitting close to $10,000 in monthly resale income. I'm excited to show you how you can make serious money in resale, too.

Just like you, over the years, I collected piles and piles of vintage. Literally: I had multiple closets full and every time I move, it’s a struggle.

Over a decade ago, I had all this vintage and I was working a job, but I wasn’t happy. So one day I decided to take a leap of faith and go all in making money selling vintage.

Before the age of social media, our options of reselling had been limited. I’ve tried everything. I did flea markets, pop up events; sold on eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark; and even sold wholesale to designers in New York City.

After all of the trial and error …

Thrifting 2007 - Age 21

I'm Excited to Share with You These 3 Secrets That I've Learned from 10+ Years in Resale

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What You'll Learn in This Webinar​

SECRET #1 The Secret Sauce to Attracting Consistent Sales

As resellers, wouldn’t it be cool if everytime we looked at our phone we had people wantign to buy our goods. During this webinar, I’m going to lay out the blueprint to attracting all-star sales.


SECRET #2 Go to the "Right Party" - Or Else You're Wasting Valuable Time!

The best case scenario selling vintage is selling to people who are willing to pay the best price for your pieces because they actually appreciate and respect it. Sounds incredible right? Learn how to get in front of an untapped market of eager buyers.


SECRET #3 Be in the Know and Buy the Good Stuff

How fun would it be to source items you know would 100 percent sell? I’m going to share how you can be in the know and have buyers telling you exactly what they want so you can source only the good stuff.


Frequently Asked Questions About This Webinar


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This webinar is for resellers who want to learn the blueprint for making more money and reaching more customers. Spend less time spinning your wheels so you have more time for the things you love about vintage resale!

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Using These Secrets, You Can Make Real Money Selling Vintage Clothing!

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